Apple’s New HomePod: Oops, We Did it Again

Last week Apple announced that the wait for the new smart speaker with Siri assistant was finally over. HomePod is already available starting from February 9: initially, the device is going to be sold in the UK, USA, and Australia and this spring will become available for Germany and France as well….

How to Get Rid of “parentalcontrolsd” on Your Mac

If you check Activity Monitor on your Mac, you will find something named parentalcontrolsd running in the background. It may use up your CPU cycles or just be there and you do not even know what that is. First of all, do not worry: it is a part of macOS…

How to Clean Mac Trash in Three Simple Steps

From my personal experience, I’ve been convinced that we need to take care of our PCs every day. This means timely assisting your Mac in various ways, for example, cleaning out the trash, removing old updates and applications, clearing browser history, and so on. All this helps to keep a…

What’s New in iOS 11.3: from iCloud Messages to AirPlay 2

Recently Apple has presented the first beta version of the upcoming iOS update: however, the company introduces just a few new features. Among them are several big changes and a list of many small tweaks such as long-awaited iCloud Messages, new Animoji, some ARKit tools to use and many others….

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