iPhone and Long-Exposure Camera Tricks

There are many tricks you can perform by editing your photos on iPhone. One of those is the long exposure. You can create good photos by adding some special effects, including curving, blurring or taillights. This is how you can make it on your iPhone.

The original photo

Live Photos Effects

iOS 11 gave users many additional and helpful features for almost all applications. The same update also touched Live Photos. It has three more new effects to make your photos even better. Such effects, like Loop, Bounce and the mentioned long exposure, can boost your editorial skills. The last one is very interesting for many users. How does it work?

The Long Exposure feature

The previous photo that was added by Long Exposure effect

There is nothing hard in using such effect for your photos. Just make the swipe up move while you are viewing the live photos, and choose the mentioned effect from the list. Done! If you want to make some special live photos, you need to choose a right moment for an amazing result.

The example given above was edited by this effect. In order to make something like this, you can reduce the light levels of any objects captured by your camera. iPhone’s long exposure feature can be used by making different video clips, where you can use the bright sunlight.

Steady – steady

In order to edit your photos, it is necessary to keep your camera dead still. This factor is very important if you want to have all parts of the photos sharp and then detect the areas, where you would use the blur effect.

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The same example after all mentioned editing

Sometimes, taking a photo with your iPhone is not so easy. You need to be sure that weather or time is not going to ruin your future photo.

How to add effects

Once you’ve completed the photo session, you are able to add many other effects. It may be the built-in filters or some additional tools. Anyway, you can use any effects to make the photo special.