New Apple WatchOS 4.3 Updates and Key Features

New Apple Watchos 4.3 Updates And Key Features 54 8475911
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New Apple WatchOS 4.3 Updates and Key Features

In September, Apple presented its Apple Watch Series 4 and now we have a number of new features and updates which make the device even more attractive. Upgrading to watchOS 4 you get new workouts, faces, activity, health and music updates. The date of release of watchOS 4.3 update is coming soon – it is set for spring 2018 and consists of minor bug fixes and tweaks.

For instance, now you can use the watch remotely for music playing and Nightstand Mode works in both orientations instead of one. Compared to watchOS 4.1 it is really great. So what key features can we find in the new version?

Key features

Tim Cook claimed that with the new watchOS 4 Apple Watch will become smarter with the help of such features as new music experience, active Siri watch face, GymKit, and personalized activity coaching. And there is no reason to doubt these words. Let’s have a look at the most considerable changes in watchOS 4:

  1. Activity & Workout
  2. Music
  3. Health
  4. Apple Pay
  5. Siri
  6. New faces
  7. Treadmill synchronization
  8. New workouts

Activity and Workout are considered as one of the most popular watch apps so that is great that Apple keeps adding new features gradually increasing the impact of machine learning and personalization. The notifications and smart coaching have become more personalized offering monthly challenges which are based on your activity records and history. Apple also noticed that notifications are not necessary during a workout so the function Do Not Disturb turns on automatically and after you are done notifications are activated. Also, swiping left to the Workout interface you access to music controls.

The music app has also been taken care of: now, it has a new design and looks much better. For the first time, Apple Watch supports a number of playlists and you automatically see those that you listen to regularly.

As for health, it has been already announced about glucose monitoring implemented into Apple Watch and in September the company informed that there will be heart rate monitoring enhanced. The watch will let you know once it detects changes when you are not being active. Considering payment options, you will have a chance to pay your friends via Apple Watch and Apple Pay Cash (however, initially this option is limited to US users only).

The new face of Siri displays your personal info using machine learning and matches your routine – you will see the most relevant to your need info. Apple also presented two groups of watch faces: kaleidoscope face and new Disney faces. There is also a new battery icon.

Coming back to workout topic, it is worth mentioning that Apple implemented the two-way exchange of data with gym equipment. You just tap NFC tag for connecting your watch to the gym equipment (the gym should support this function though).

Minor changes

Except for the big changes, there are a few small but good ones. There is a new design of dock interface: now you can scroll vertically through recent apps on your 3D Touch with the help of the Digital Crown. You can also see the blinking light which is activated by Control Centre and is used for safely night runs. Apple states that the app responsiveness will be faster and performance of background apps will be better.

watchOS 4 may be installed on any model – starting from Apple Watch of first generation to recent models (Series 1, 2 and 3). The only restriction is that you should use iPhone 5S or later models as the companion phone. Are you waiting for spring updates already? team tries to keep its focus on everything related to IT and be worthy of calling ourselves professionals. No matter what issue you have about your Mac or iPhone, we are here to help you and provide with solid facts and helpful tips. 2023

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