Lucky 7. Last iOS 11 Features Review

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Lucky 7. Last iOS 11 Features Review

Hope you’ve read previous articles, as in this one we present you last seven features of a new iOS 11 version. Find out something you didn’t know about, were expecting or hoping for. With all these upgrades you will easily run your phone making this experience better.

71. Recommendations for Saving Storage Space

iPhone’s storage space is not endless, especially when it comes to various huge modern apps and you can seldom remove much junk with a single click or a tap. So, it certainly won’t hurt if the user gets some guidance how to clear space. Apple’s recommendations on the topic include auto-deleting old talks in the Messages, storing messages in the iCloud and more hints to free storage space.

72. “Offloading” Apps to Save Storage Space

The upgraded storage management system of the iOS 11 allows deleting unused apps without losing connection with them. This cool function is named “Offload Unused Apps”. It removes the app while preserving its data and documents. You may set the feature to automatic mode or perform the procedure individually.

73. An Easy Way to Delete Message Attachments

The same storage management system is also able to review and remove all attachments in the Message app. You can easily filter the attachments to create videos, photos, stickers and more groups. Just choose those that you consider unnecessary and delete them.

74. Facebook & Twitter Integration Are No Longer Supported

Apple has ceased the special treatment for Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Flickr in the Settings. From now on, for the iOS 11, they will be regular third-party apps and will no longer have default login options. The step is probably for the better, as it simplifies the system’s organization, while the preference of exactly those networking services over others does not seem obvious.

75. Tracking Flights in Safari

If someone you care about is traveling by air at the moment, you may want to keep track on his or her flight. And it has become possible in Safari with the iOS 11. You need to enter the airline name and flight number and Safari will give you details about the flight. Tapping on the card will open more info like the plane’s current location.

76. Word Definitions

Now, with the updated Safari, the user can get word definitions. For this to be done, the iOS 11 has supplied Safari with a dictionary card, which is activated once you type the word “define” in the search engine. The service uses the New Oxford American Dictionary, so you will obtain academically correct and profound definitions.

77. A Better Look for Safari’s Video Player

iPhone owners will surely like the slightly better makeover of the video controls in the iOS 11. A good thing is that it leaves more space for the video itself. Another boon is the new volume slider, which now if non activated (until the icon or hardware volume button are pressed), looks like a speaker control. team tries to keep its focus on everything related to IT and be worthy of calling ourselves professionals. No matter what issue you have about your Mac or iPhone, we are here to help you and provide with solid facts and helpful tips. 2023

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