How to Clean History on Your Mac

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How to Clean History on Your Mac

How to Clear history on Safari Mac

If you get Persistent notifications that your Mac is full, the simplest thing to do is to clean your browser history. There is a simple guide how to clean history on a Mac if you use Safari browser.

How to delete history on Mac Safari
  1. Open the browser and go to
  2. Choose an option “Clear History and Website Data”. Confirm to proceed. The history of the recent days or weeks can be cleared.
  3. Click “Clear” to remove all Safari history

How to Clear history on Chrome Mac

In order to clean your history on Chrome, you can go through the next steps:

  1. Start Chrome > click on the menu button
  2. Select and click on .
  3. Check the box next to and click on .

How to Clear History in Mozilla Firefox on Mac

  1. Launch Firefox. Go to “Menu > History > Clear Recent History”.
  2. You are able to choose a period of a time (last month, week, day)
  3. Click the “Clear now” button to clear the items

How to clean history on a Mac in Opera browser

The same simple instruction you can proceed with Opera browser.

  1. Run Opera browser.
  2. Menu > Preference
  3. Privacy & Security menu > click on “Clear Browsing Data”. Here you can select to delete data of recent weeks, days.

From this little guide, you’ve got an information how to clean history on a Mac – regardless of the browser you use. It is not difficult, even though you are inexperienced Mac user.

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