MEEM: All in One Charging Cable

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MEEM: All in One Charging Cable

MEEM is a phone recharging appliance cable that automatically backs up the private data on your cell phone to the cord itself every single time you chose to charge your iPhone or Android with whatever Power Adaptor, Car Charger, PC port or Power Bank. Since it’s normal for people to charge their phones at least once a day, each time the phone is charged, personal information is always backed up with no third party access to your info.

MEEM comes in different storage capacities, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of flash memory built into a fashionable extremity cable. Also, a small processor of 120.6 x 21.1 x 8.3-millimeter black barrel is included at the glowing extremity. MEEM is flexible and has a four inches protrusion from the appliance itself. Why you have to apply some caution when setting it on any furniture or stand.

In order to use the appliance, there is always a need to be an AC power source but this seems to be convenient as all deliveries usually have a power source attached to it. However, MEEM is set to start working on a go. When plugged in, it starts charging at 5V, moments later it propel the free iOS associated apps.

What to expect from MEEM

There are some other interesting things that this cable does. It instantly backs up photos, videos, contacts, calendar and documents for up to three different iOS appliances. Its range of backup is exciting as it can back up to just anything (messages, ringtones, and other file types).You will have the opportunity of creating a security pass on the device on initial use. The very first time an appliance is connected to the device, you need to create a four-digit PIN code which serves as a door in and out of your data environment.

The app has a two-line array feature, with backups on the right and connects appliance on the left. Note, that there will be 20 seconds of delay, which gives the user a time to manipulate the settings. The manual backup alternative can be done anytime by simply dragging and dropping between arrays. The archive mode is for ensuring the preservation of items from former backups.

MEEM is not suitable for iCloud photo library users with many appliances. The reason is that pictures and videos must be downloaded before they can be backed up. Even the 128GB model does not have enough storage capacity to accomplish that. Hopefully, this problem can be corrected in the future models. There is also a desktop app that offloads data to Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

You do not need to worry about a third party having access to your personal records because this device stores all your information right in front of you on the cable and not in the cloud where it can be compromised.

With MEEM, it’s very easy to share all files amongst all your devices you have backed up, with a single swipe you can transfer data between your devices whether it’s Android or Apple.

MEEM can come in handy in a nutshell and is a nice combination of device backup and charge in a single appliance; however, the lack of upgradeable storage is a setback for iCloud photo library users with numerous pictures and videos. team tries to keep its focus on everything related to IT and be worthy of calling ourselves professionals. No matter what issue you have about your Mac or iPhone, we are here to help you and provide with solid facts and helpful tips. 2023

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