Reviewing Apple HomePod: As if Apple Needs Ads

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Reviewing Apple HomePod: As if Apple Needs Ads

It is so much Apple! We mean, in the way you use it. Which is…easy, right? Just like with the AirPods, you need to hold your phone near the device and it will send over all your info: phone ID, music preferences and also (what makes your life so much simpler) it will enter all the Wi-Fi passwords you do remember but, thank God, there is no need to type in.

Then, you may actually leave the house but your family can still use the device – do not worry though, you are able to turn off your preferences and access personal info if you do not want others to mess with it. You can also rename it. And all that you can get for $349 – attention, pre-orders are already available!

Setting up

If you are an owner of an iPhone or iPad, setting up the speaker will be pretty easy. However, if you consider buying it on its own, it’s gonna be useless – unfortunately, it is created for Apple products only. To make the device work you will need to update to iOS 11.2.5. After that, just hold your phone near the HomePod and all your settings will be copied within a minute.

It includes your Apple ID, Wi-Fi, and music info. From there on, speaking to Siri you will see small colored lights dancing across the speakers plastic surface as if it understands what you have in mind. The hardest part of setting it all up is to find a place for plugging in – it is long enough for many things, but you may want to put it near the wall – it will let the sound properly reverberate.

Its Apple, baby: sounds good

If you want to get a 360-degree sound that will be spreading all over the room, place the HomePod in the center of a wall: the speaker can work out nearby surfaces and split the sound accordingly. Apple says that all speakers are set up to specifications of the manufacturer: it is the most expensive device but produces the best sound for such pieces as The Eagles’ Hotel California.

The Sonos One sounded perfectly as well, but it did not have the same power. We also looked at stereo mode involving pairing two Apple HomePod speakers together for creating a bigger sound. It was louder but good – the sound filled the room completely. It would be also interesting to find out if they could be used for Apple TV as its sound system.

Design particular qualities

Apple HomePod has a pretty good design, although, it is a bit heavy:

  • it is compact
  • it is convenient
  • it is responsive

What else? The speaker is covered in a close lightweight mesh that feels a bit rubbery but allows the sound out more effectively. Space gray and white units are quite subtle, the volume buttons light up when pressing and the controls are hidden at the top. Touch controls of the device are very responsive – and all that makes the use simple and comfortable.

Don’t forget about Siri

While playing music is the primary function of new Apple HomePod, Siri plays here a big role too. Just say ‘Hey Siri’ to the speaker and it will activate the service – even if at the same time you are listening to a song and even if it has a high volume. It is pretty impressive. You may ask the system to turn the music down or play another list, whatever.

One thing Apple is really great about is privacy: all your requests are encrypted and completely anonymous. So, there are many ways to protect your device from being used by others (accidentally or purposefully). You can disable Siri function just asking it to stop listening – the system will double-check your request and then you can turn it on pressing the button on the top.

Summing up

The HomePod offers great listening experience and works together with Siri voices which is a plus: it has a high price but it equals to the high-quality Apple is proud about. The device lacks such things as Bluetooth and ability to interact with other devices (not just Apple). But in general, it is a perfect addition to your MacBook, Apple Watch, and iPhone – the high-class sound stands out from other brands. And what is your experience? team tries to keep its focus on everything related to IT and be worthy of calling ourselves professionals. No matter what issue you have about your Mac or iPhone, we are here to help you and provide with solid facts and helpful tips. 2023

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